CUSTOM Spray Foam Insulation Rigs 

We've sold rigs from BC to Newfoundland. 46 years spraying foam & building rigs. 

Custom Spray Foam Rigs & Service

At RRSO we've built our own spray foam rigs for 46 years. We know what's important and what's silly unnecessary sales fluff. We build the exact truck and trailer rigs for our customers that we would build for ourselves, zero shortcuts. Quality foam rigs designed for durability with quality Graco equipment. The up-front cost of a spray foam rig is a significant investment. Buying inexpensive, poorly designed equipment will cost your business in the long term.

Why build with RRSO - Experience Based Design. At RRSO we have always built our own rigs and select customers for over 46 years. We work with this equipment in the field and in our shop on a daily bases, and we do it right. Spray foam applicators aren't just installers, they are manufacturers. Having the right equipment partner to make sure you are set-up correctly, properly trained and is there for technical support is key to success. Each mobile rig is custom built using only the best time tested equipment. All the work on our Spray Foam Trucks/Rigs is done in house. When you call us for technical support you will be talking directly with the team that built your rig

Training - When you purchase a spray foam rig from RRSO you come to us for 2 days at no additional cost. We go through everything to make sure you start strong.

Breathable air - Why would we make breathable air as one of your features? We don't sit behind desks, we are out in the field spraying and our health is the most important. For our rig builds we offer in our opinion the best-in-class air-purifying and air-quality systems from Bullard with full face hoods built for comfort, we don't do sweaty face tight masks. We offer the fresh air system we use every day and have for 46 years.

Loan Options - We work with a few leasing companies that know spray foam. Easy leasing options available for terms of up to 5 years. A good benchmark number in terms of monthly payments to account for would be $2500.00-$3500.00

Quality guarantee - 1 year Warranty on all our builds. Additional new equipment manufacturer warranties apply.

Our Past Spray Foam Rig Builds

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