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Commercial foam insulation products are specially formulated to meet the design, energy efficiency and code standards of the Canadian market. All of our commercial foam insulation products, which perform for the life of the building, allow architects and engineers to meet intricate design goals with confidence.  

Functions as a air and class 2 vapour barrier spray foam is an excellent choice to seal and insulate various types of commercial and farm buildings. It will help keep work areas comfortable in winter or summer, and will actually “tighten” a building and add structural integrity.


The costs associated with heating and cooling farm buildings are only increasing. Spray foam helps provide a consistent temperature control to reduce stress levels in livestock caused by temperature extremes during summer or winter months.

Spray Foam be used in the design and construction of Pole sheds, vegetable storage and freezer facilities. It helps assure constant temperatures and the closed-cell design means much lower water vapor perm values per inch. 

Potato Storages 

Potato farmers know that the risk of condensation, freezing temperatures or the lack of a controlled temperature environment may be disastrous for potato crops. However, there is no longer any need to run this risk as a simple application of sprayed foam can help to maintain a healthy potato stock. Closed-cell spray Foam is sprayed directly onto the internal surfaces of the building facade. This will seal and insulate the building and help regulate the temperatures so that sudden hot or cold temperature variations are not so likely. 

Grain Bin Perimeter Waterproofing

Protect valuable seed grain by preventing water & corrosion damage to your commercial grain bins. Water damage It’s a grain operator’s worst fear. Bins are meant to keep grain dry. If the bottom ring is not properly sealed to the floor, bins don’t keep the water out and the grain doesn’t stay dry which ultimately can result in grain spoilage causing loss and downtime. Our Spray Foam and Polyurea bed-liner system is designed to eliminate costly hazards like these as well as making the grain drying process more efficient. 

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